Creation Vs. Consumption

Growing up in America, I can attest to the nonsensical consumption habits that the vast majority of the population engages in everyday. We love to shop and to buy ‘things.’

We are conditioned to consume throughout our lifetime. We are exposed to the news, eat out at restaurants, and purchase things we know we don’t need–but we want. Advertisers and marketers infiltrate the marketplace and do a really good job at what they do.

Their job is to sell you a product or to at least entice you to buy and try. And it works. Most of the advertisements are attempting to selling you happiness through purchasing the product they are promoting.

Did you know that marketers use color psychology to tap into your subconscious?

color emotion guide

Credit: The Logo Company

Happiness is a state of mind.

Have you ever wanted the newest generation of the iPhone? Bought it. Then a few hours, days, or maybe weeks later you realize you still aren’t satisfied or happy in life?

You thought that it would bring more fulfillment and happiness to your life. Now are left with feelings of dissatisfaction or perhaps slight depression. 

Billboards, commercials, TV ads, YouTube ads, radio ads, etc. They are everywhere and can be extremely toxic as it is an influx of noise pollution.

They are distractions that move our focus to consumption and away from our desire to create.

We can all agree that we do it because it is convenient, comfortable and easy. Scrolling through news feeds doesn’t take much energy to do and it can be extremely relaxing.

There is a potential problem with this however. If we are not aware of how these things are affecting our way of thinking about ourselves and where we are at in life, it can be damaging to our psyche.

Consider this: If you follow pages of body builders or fashion models and are constantly viewing the profiles, you are consuming and storing this information in your brain whether you realize this or not.

Be aware of your self-talk during your indulgence of your social feeds.

Are you comparing yourself to this individual? Are you using this person as a role model?

If you are in a constant state of consumption and desire, you are limiting yourself from creating.

We were born to create! We have the free will and the freedom to express ourselves in whatever way we choose.

I encourage you to grow your awareness to how much you do consume from the environments you are surrounded by.

Reflect your role in being a consumer versus a creator. Put your money into things that add value, excitement, and fulfillment to your life. 

What makes you feel alive and rejuvenated? Find that thing and do it everyday!

Create something, anything. 

Write in a journal, draw a picture, create a garden, try a new recipe, write music or poetry, learn photography and videography, start a new project.

The possibilities are infinite. You are the only person holding yourself back.

“I am always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.” -Pablo Picasso

Protect your mind. Make it a point to focus on thoughts of creativity and imagination. Find a balance and replace where you over-consume in your life and replace it by creating something.

You are the conscious choice-maker. Life is what you make it. Create the life you want to live and love the life you live. 

Sharing my love, Brittany

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