Facing Fears

When we operate in a state of fear, we are limiting our potential of experiencing a life of greatness.

When we operate in a state of love, we have the power to create connection, community, and a sense of wholeness with one another.

It is important to be mindful of when you are living in a state of fear and to consciously shift to a loving mindset.

Fear is necessary to experience, it allows for growth and expansion. But it can also dominate your life,

By digging deep into our psyche and past conditionings, we can discover our true fears and face them.

There is no limit to what we can fear, just as there is no limit to what we can love.

Consciously choosing to view the world through loving eyes is a practice that I enjoy applying when I find myself in a state of fear.

Shifting my thought process through affirming that I am made of love, I am open to receiving love, and I want to share love.

Yes there is pain, hate, and anger in the world, but I firmly believe that the power of love can shift these energy drainers.

Face your greatest fears by challenging yourself to rise above with love.

You are not alone, we all face fears daily. It’s life. But it’s YOUR life and YOU have the power and the choice to create a life of your dreams.

When we are in love with what we are doing, living, and embracing in life that is when we will experience our greatest potential.

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. The first time I heard this, my mind immediately shifted.

Our mind has created it!!! Fear is definitely a natural instinct that is necessary to experience, but it can definitely be a limiting factor when discovering your path of love.

We can reprogram ourselves to live a life in LOVE rather than FEAR. It takes time, commitment, and practice to transform yourself to embody unconditional love for all living things.

Love yourself always and keep your heart open to receive the love you deserve.

By challenging yourself to face your fears, you realize that it was simply a mind-block. Once this mind block is removed, you begin to see things differently.

A paradigm shift begins to occur in your mind and life becomes exciting again.

Today, tomorrow, and forever, I challenge you do more of what you love and forget that you are fear.

Believe you can achieve your greatest potential, it starts now.

With love, Brittany

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