You Have to Start Somewhere…

Talks of Life

There are times in your life when you are inspired to take a risk or try something new. I believe it’s extremely important to make these changes to challenge yourself and experiment with life. All too often people become comfortable with their way of living and do not look outside of their comfort zone for new opportunities.

I am extremely fascinated by the way humans have evolved and how different we are from one another. Technology has allowed us to learn about the vastness of the planet, countries, and cultures. Simultaneously we have disconnected ourselves from our true nature. By this, I mean that we are not living a life of authenticity or truth.

Many people are working jobs that they are not happy with and live a life that they are not proud of. I believe that everyone has the potential to use their mind as a tool for creating the life they want to live.

I am intrigued by people who are fearless and driven with ambition to co-create change. I have felt a calling to be a host of some form of platform that collaborates with people who are considered to be “outsiders”. People who are disrupting the norm of society in a positive way.

These radical individuals believe we can create an alternative way of living. The best part about it all, they are succeeding and proving to others that it can be possible. By reflecting their vision of what type of world they want to live in with peace, prosperity, and opportunity, they are indeed positively impacting the evolution of humanity one day at a time. It starts with the individual who consciously decides to make a change within.

I intend on interviewing people from all over the world who have an important message to share. More specifically, people who have discovered their passion with a purpose. Visionaries, solunationaries, changemakers, whatever you label or identify with.

If you have discovered something that you are truly passionate about and find value in the information you have learned, please share your voice with the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for and deserve to be heard.

I look forward to watching this community of change-makers grow. Your support is greatly appreciated and I hope you gain an abundance of knowledge and wisdom from this podcast.

With love,

Brittany Jacobs

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